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Introducing the Multi-Meter for Multi-Patient Use

The MediSure meter is licensed for multi-patient use.

The multi-use meter is designed with patients and the healthcare industry in mind. With the ability to be used safely with multiple patients, the multi-use meter can help to save time, money, and energy when monitoring blood glucose levels and helping patients to better manage their diabetes.

The MediSure multi-use meter is equipped with:


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MediSure Blood Glucose Meter

MediSure® Blood Glucose Meter

A Blood Glucose Monitoring System, featuring a highly accurate meter with advanced features.

MediSure Test Strips

MediSure® Blood Glucose Test Strips

Blood Glucose test strips that are easy to handle, accurate and are not affected by interferences.

Medisure Lancing Strips

MediSure® Soft Sterile Lancets

Modern lancets that are comfortable, easy to use, smooth, and thoroughly sterilized.

MediSure Lancing Device

MediSure® Lancing Device

Lancing device that allows for non-touch lancet removal with quick activation and reactivation. 

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