November is Diabetes Awareness Month

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The MediSure Multi-Patient Blood Glucose Meter

Clinically Proven. Rugged. Licensed for multi-patient use.

The MediSure multi-use meter is designed with patients and the healthcare industry in mind. Clinically Proven for accurate and safe results on multiple patients with years of use in tough surroundings. Our no coding multi-use meter is simple to use and affordable – saving you time, money, and energy when monitoring blood glucose levels.  All the while helping patients to better manage their diabetes.

The MediSure multi-user meter:

Multi-User Meter Medisure

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MediSure Blood Glucose Meter

MediSure® Blood Glucose Meter

A Blood Glucose Monitoring System, featuring a highly accurate meter with advanced features.

MediSure Test Strips

MediSure® Blood Glucose Test Strips

Blood Glucose test strips that are easy to handle, accurate and are not affected by interferences.

Medisure Lancing Strips

MediSure® Soft Sterile Lancets

Modern lancets that are comfortable, easy to use, smooth, and thoroughly sterilized.

MediSure Lancing Device

MediSure® Lancing Device

Lancing device that allows for non-touch lancet removal with quick activation and reactivation. 

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