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MediSure® Blood Glucose Meter

MediSure Blood Glucose Meter

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  • A Blood Glucose Monitoring System, featuring a highly accurate meter with advanced features including:

    • Small Samples required – only 0.6uL – means less pain and no re-tests
    • Fast Results – 6 seconds
    • Large 960 Test Memory
    • No Coding Required
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Large visible screen and buttons
    • A lifetime meter replacement warranty
    • Small and Portable yet Rugged
    SKU: DG001M
MediSure Test Strips

MediSure® Blood Glucose Test Strips

  • Easy to handle.
  • Accurate GOD assay
  • MediSure® Strips are not affected by interferences such as high uric acid levels, or Peritoneal patients on dialysis, or higher blood concentrations of galactose, maltose, maltotriose or maltotetraose
  • Our test strips are conveniently packaged in two Vials test strips.
  • Quality and Performance that meets or exceeds other test strips in Canada at up to half the price
  • Arrow shows how which direction to insert into the MediSure Meter.
  • Tamper proof seal so you know which vial has been opened.
  • Compatible with both the MediSure® Blood Glucose Meter and the MediSure® Mulit-User Blood Glucose Meter
Medisure Lancing Strips

MediSure® Soft Sterile Lancets

  • Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • Smooth and Tri-Level Needle tip
  • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation
  • Easy to use Dispensing Boxes
  • Member of the Trusted, High Quality Medisure Family of Products
MediSure Alcohol Wipes

MediSure® Alcohol Wipes

  • For use as an antiseptic skin cleanser prior to an injection and for cleaning Blood Glucose Meters
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
MediSure Lancing Device

MediSure® Lancing Device

  • Non-Touch Lancet Removal
  • Simple, Quick Activation and Reactivation
  • Adjustable to Several Different Penetration Depths
  • Suitable for use with the MediSure® Soft twist lancets
  • Depth adjustment cap for conventional fingertip sampling

Other Products by MediSure®

Genteel Lancing Device

Test Blood Sugar Without Pain

Welcome to a world of blood sugar testing with Genteel, the painless lancing device for adults and kids.

Black – 200345
Silver – 200745
Blue – 200750
Purple – 200752
Pink – 200755
White – 200760

Clickfine Autoprotect Insulin Pen Needle

Clickfine® Autoprotect Insulin Pen Needles

  • Contains a fully integrated safety needle mechanism
  • Automatically locks immediately after injection
  • Red lock indicator clearly shows locked stage
  • Visible cannula tip facilitates priming
  • Lock permanently covers needle preventing repeated us
31Gx5mm – 700012628
ClickFine Insulin Pen Needle

Clickfine® Insulin Pen Needles

  • 6-bevel needle tip for a smoother injection
  • Extra Thin Wall cannula for an optimised drug flow
  • Click technology for an easy and secure fit
  • Special silicone surface treatment for advanced injection comfort
  • Compatible with all major injection pen brands and available in 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm lengths
31Gx6mm – 3200500
31Gx8mm – 3200501
32Gx4mm – 3200910
31Gx5mm – 700011289