How to Use

Taking a measurement is done in 3 simple Steps:

Step 1 - Prepare a lancet.

Use only new, sterile lancet in preparation for drawing a sample.

Step 2 - Insert a test strip into the meter.

Be sure to close the lid of the vial to ensure the most accurate tests. The Meter will indicate that it is ready for a sample on the LCD display.

Step 3 - Draw a Blood Sample and Apply to the Tip of the test strip

Draw small blood Sample using a new and sterile lancet. Test from the tips of any finger for the optimal results. Note - The palm and forearm are alternate sites. They are less painful, but also less accurate test sites. Only select soft and fleshy areas to lance. Avoid lancing any bony areas, skin anomalies or obvious veins and moles.


Caring for Your Medisure Meter

Handling and Storing your Medisure Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Fingertip Blood Sampling with your Medisure Lancet Device

Installing/Replacing the Battery in your Medisure Meter

Reviewing Results in your Medisure Meter's Memory

Setting the Alarm on your Medisure Meter

Setting the Year, Date, Time, and Temperature on your Medisure Meter

Viewing the Date, Time or Temperature on your Medisure Meter

Testing your Blood Glucose with your Medisure Meter

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