About MediSure Canada

A Canadian Medical Device Company dedicated to
bringing value to the high cost of Diabetes.

A Canadian Company Known for Quality, Value and Affordability

MediSure Canada is committed to bringing value to the high cost of managing diabetes, both to patients and insurers. MediSure is a Canadian company, meaning that our jobs and taxes are all in Canada. Our products are designed and manufactured with safety and durability in mind, meeting all ISO standards with world-class quality controls. Equipped with features that lead the industry in technology, our products are designed to offer a user-friendly experience and an overall improved approach to diabetes management. 

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High Quality

Our high-quality, affordable MediSure diabetic blood glucose meters and test strips are licensed for sale across Canada. Our commitment is to always be the high-quality, affordable Health Canada licensed blood glucometer and stripline.

Significant Savings

Our goal is to bring significant savings to all Provincial Drug Plans on their current test strip purchases while delivering world-class training and educational support to those living with diabetes.


Our affordable, quality products bring economic value to the diabetes testing market, enabling patients and payers to reduce their healthcare spending.

Healthy Profits

We operate with low overhead and still maintain excellent margins, which we channel into patient education and partner support . This ensures healthy profits to our investors and partners while serving the higher public good.

Highly Accurate Blood Glucose Meter

Advanced blood glucose monitoring systems must be both consistent and accurate. The MediSure blood glucose meter is no exception.

The MediSure blood glucose ceter and test strips are clinically tested for high levels of accuracy, with the most advanced testing technology and standards. They are proven to be as consistently accurate as the major brand, Blood Glucose Meters.

This is achieved through our modern technology, designed to accurately measure blood glucose levels in small sample sizes, while ISO based quality systems during the manufacturing processes ensure the consistency of testing accuracy.

The enzymatic assay used in our MediSure test strips are made with glucose oxidase (GOD), unlike assays from some manufacturers, which are subject to interference. For more information, contact MediSure Canada today.

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Regressiond Plot - MediSure vs YSI
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System Accuracy Pllot - MediSure vs YSI

What Our Customers are Saying

Well-Designed & Easy to Use

I want to compliment your well designed glucometer the medisure . It is simple easy and a large print out for older people with visual issues. Very pleased with it.

Sylvia from Nova Scotia

Great Customer Service

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt and courteous service. The two gentlemen that answered and followed up on my inquiry, Mario and Chuck, were quick to respond, and even followed up to make sure I knew what was going on with my order. My kit arrived exactly when they said it would, and I am so glad to be able to use it now, thanks for your amazing service!

Sophia from British Columbia

Above & Beyond Customer Service

What can I say. Service above and beyond. I will always thank the Lord the day I found your company. Bertha helped me out today and Chuck you were awesome yesterday. I think your company could teach others what customer service is all about. Have a great day.

Valrena from Ontario

Very Affordable

Thank you for offering great products at a great price!! 🙂

Jennifer from Edmonton

Just Tried It And It Works Very Well
It’s an excellent product and when the recommendations are followed it does the job painlessly

Craig from Ottawa